Marriage Formation Registration

After you've contacted your parish and met with your marriage prep facilitator here are your NEXT STEPS

Option 1 - Catholic Engaged Encounter

Couples entering into marriage for the first time will spend the weekend, away from distractions, with other engaged couples. 

Catholic Engaged Encounter (CEE) offers each couple time to talk intensively and privately on many aspects of married life. A series of presentations, writings and shared exercises challenge couples to explore many aspects of their relationship, spirituality and marriage expectations.

The overnight retreat is built around a series of themes, including:

  • The Family We Grew Up In – learn how our families of origin influence our expectations and attitudes about marriage
  • Sacramental Marriage – learn about entering the covenant of marriage, a permanent bond that unites the couple with God in their relationship
  • Communication – learn tools and strategies to help communicate effectively
  • Intimacy – learn how to connect with your partner physically, emotionally, intellectually and spiritually 
  • Values – learn the importance of establishing common values in a marriage


CEE Information

Where:  CEE retreats are offered in both Omaha and Norfolk 

When:   Saturday to Sunday

Cost:     $200 per couple, covers lodging and meals (Does not include additional fee for FOCCUS Inventory) 

Couples registering for Catholic Engaged Encounter must first register for FOCCUS by contacting the marriage preparation coordinator at 

Registration: For a list of upcoming dates and to register for an Omaha retreat visit or a Norfolk retreat visit   

CEE Dates 2020 (Omaha)

January 4-5, 2020
May 30-31, 2020
July 11-12, 2020
Nov 7-8, 2020
Dec 12-13, 2020
(*new location - Columban Fathers Retreat Center)

CEE Dates 2020 (Norfolk)

Jan 18-19, 2020
April 4-5, 2020
July 18-19, 2020
Sept 12-13, 2020

Option 2- Marriage: A Journey for Life (MAJ)

Marriage: A Journey for Life (MAJ) is a Saturday workshop in which couples prayerfully reflect and discuss important marriage topics within the context of the Catholic faith. Topics include communication, sacramental marriage, marital intimacy and responsible love, challenges to the vocation of marriage and stewardship.  

MAJ Information

2019 Marriage Prep Brochure

2020 Marriage Prep Brochure

Where: Location varies (see specific dates and locations below) 

When: 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. 

Cost: $115 per couple (includes fee for FOCCUS Inventory. Cost will increase to $120 in 2020)


FOCCUS: When you register for MAJ, you will automatically be registered for the FOCCUS premarriage inventory.

MAJ Dates & Locations 2019 (Click here to select a date to register)

January 12 St. Gerald’s, Omaha (this event is full please select another option)

February 9 Sacred Heart, Norfolk 

March 9 St. Elizabeth Ann, Omaha  (this event is full please select another option)

April 13 St. Anthony, Columbus  

May 11 St. Elizabeth Ann, Omaha (this event is full please select another option)

June 15 St. Patrick, Fremont 

July 13 Sacred Heart, Norfolk 

August 10 St. Gerald’s, Omaha  

September 14 St. Anthony, Columbus  

October 12 Sacred Heart, Norfolk 

November 9 St. Gerald’s, Omaha   

December 14 St. Elizabeth Ann, Omaha

MAJ Dates and Locations 2020 (1st Quarter Registration Now Open!)

January 11 – Omaha, St. Gerald

February 15 – Norfolk, Sacred Heart

March 14 – Omaha, St. Gerald

April 4 – Columbus, St. Anthony

May 9 – Omaha, St. Elizabeth Ann Seton

June 6 – Fremont, St. Patrick

July 11 – Norfolk, Sacred Heart

August 8 – Omaha, St. Gerald

September 12 – Columbus, St. Anthony

October 10 – Norfolk, Sacred Heart

November 14 – Omaha, St. Gerald

December 12 – Omaha, St. Elizabeth Ann Seton