FOCCUS™ Pre-Marriage Inventory


The FOCCUS™ Pre-Marriage Inventory is designed for couples preparing for marriage or seriously considering marriage. Completion of the Inventory provides their trained FOCCUS Facilitator with a personalized profile of their relationship; its strengths and challenges. 

The FOCCUS™ Pre-Marriage Inventory and FOCCUS Couple Report help target discussion on topics important to marital success. The FOCCUS™ Pre-Marriage Inventory is not a test and is not used to label couples or predict marital couple success, but rather to help couples celebrate their relationship strengths and talk with each other about topics needing further attention. 

The FOCCUS™ Pre-Marriage Inventory is a research-based, 151 item assessment. The FOCCUS Couple Report presents scores and graphs of couples’ agreement based on five major content areas representing 20 separate scales:

  • Match: Lifestyle Expectations, Friends and Interests, Personality Match, Personal Issues
  • Skills: Communication, Problem Solving 
  • Bonders: Religion, Spirituality, and Values, Parenting Issues, Extended Family Issues, Sexuality Issues, Financial Issues 
  • Integrators: Readiness Issues, Covenant and Commitment 
  • Summary Categories: Key Problem Indicators, Family of Origin, Dual Career 
  • Special Issues: Interfaith Marriages, Remarriages, Cohabiting Couples, Couples with Children, Pets and Technology

A trained FOCCUS Facilitator guides couples’ discussion based on their FOCCUS Couple Report. Facilitators use a detailed FOCCUS Facilitator Manual, which provides supplemental questions that help elicit optimal, positive couple discussion. 

FOCCUS can be used as the sole tool for marriage preparation or in combination with other marriage preparation processes or programs, such as skill-building classes, educational programs or marriage mentoring.

FOCCUS tools are user-friendly for diverse populations, with six editions in six languages, three methods of scoring and several Facilitator training options. FOCCUS tools have high reliability, content, construct and predictive validity.

Available Online

Editions: Catholic, Christian, General, Alternate, Orthodox Christian, Alternate Catholic, Alternate General

Languages: English, Spanish (Mexican), Chinese (Traditional) 

Available in Hard Copy

Editions: Catholic, Christian, General, Alternate Catholic, Alternate General

Languages: English, Spanish (Mexican), Chinese (Traditional and Simplified) 

b’tween™ Couple Resources

Each couple completing the FOCCUS Inventory is to receive the following b’tween resources from the FOCCUS Facilitator during the course of facilitation. The couple keeps b’tween resources after facilitation has ended. 

b’tween™ Couple Resources include:
Reflection and Discussion Guide 
FOCCUS for the Future
FOCCUS Couple Completion Certificate

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