Living and Aging Well


Growing Older

Growing older brings many challenges and opportunities in regards to our faith and our relationships. We often experience the loss of loved ones, and at the same time, must begin preparing for our own departure from Earth. 

The Center for Family Life Formation addresses bereavement and funeral planning through a number of support groups, resources and tools. 

Growing older means defining our legacy and ensuring our faith is carried on long after we are gone. The Catholic Grandparents Association helps grandparents strengthen their faith and helps them share their faith with their grandchildren.


REFOCCUS©, a marriage enrichment inventory, helps couples understand, appreciate and enrich their marriage. REFOCCUS may be used privately by an individual couple or led by a facilitator in a group setting. REFOCCUS can be taken and scored online or on paper and scored manually. This flexibility is especially helpful as REFOCCUS can be used in a variety of formats including a retreat weekend or sessions over the course of weeks. The REFOCCUS Facilitator Manual is beneficial to facilitators who are working with married couples in group settings and who want guidance in considering the various format options. 


The Center encourages you to think about stewardship as you prepare to leave Earth and meet with God. Simple ways to be a good steward include:

  • Acting to glorify God throughout each day
  • Sharing time and talent with your parish and community
  • Giving 5% of your income to your parish, 1% to the Archdiocese and 4% to other charities
  • Giving a portion of your estate back to God

For more information on stewardship, contact the Stewardship & Development Office at 402-557-5650 or visit