REFOCCUS is a marriage enrichment inventory designed to help you understand, appreciate and enrich your marriage. The inventory includes 5 core sections and at this time there are 2 special sections. REFOCCUS provides opportunities to discuss important marital issues, including:

  • Marriage as a Process
  • Intimacy
  • Compatibility
  • Communication
  • Commitment

The special sections at this time address:

  • Ministry Marriages
  • Empty Nesters

Consideration of each of these areas will help refocus your attention to the core issues of your married relationship. REFOCCUS is not meant to be used as a single measure of the quality of your marriage, but rather as a resource meant to help affirm the strengths in your marriage while identifying potential areas for growth.

REFOCCUS may be purchased and used by an individual couple, or purchased and used by a facilitator working with an individual couple or groups of couples. 

To Use REFOCCUS Independently (without a facilitator):

Decide whether you would like to purchase REFOCCUS in hardcopy or complete REFOCCUS online.

For hardcopy, purchase the REFOCCUS Inventory Couple Packet by going to the FOCCUS website and purchasing REFOCCUS. After receiving your Couple Packet in the mail, complete the inventory and score your answers manually using the instructions included in the Couple Packet. 

For online completion of REFOCCUS, create an account on the FOCCUS website and have each person complete the Inventory independently through the website. Your REFOCCUS responses will be automatically generated with a profile of your current strengths and growth areas in the topic area. You will then utilize the information provided to consider and discuss your responses together. 

To Use REFOCCUS with a Facilitator:

Determine with your facilitator if you will be completing REFOCCUS on paper or online. 

If you are completing REFOCCUS on paper, your facilitator will provide the necessary materials and guide your discussion. 

If you are completing REFOCCUS online, your facilitator will create a REFOCCUS session for you and you will receive your login information by email. Once your have following the instructions and each of you have independently completed the REFOCCUS Inventory, your facilitator will recent your Couple Report and arrange time to meet with you to consider and discuss your responses together.

REFOCCUS for Groups

The REFOCCUS Marriage Enrichment Inventory can also be used in a group setting such as a weekend retreat or multiple sessions over the course of weeks. Couples will take the inventory independently and discuss any sensitive issues privately or with a facilitator.