Natural Family Planning

Natural Family Planning (NFP) is based on awareness of a woman’s fertility through observation of the naturally occurring signs of fertility in a woman’s body. Couples who practice NFP communicate regularly regarding these signs and their ongoing discernment about achieving or avoiding pregnancy. NFP also helps women effectively monitor their overall reproductive health across the lifespan.

NFP teaches couples to come to know themselves and each other more deeply. NFP couples often find their new knowledge allows them to experience an awe and wonder of themselves, their spouses and God. NFP can lead precisely to the knowledge that encourages us to treasure each other and God. 

The Center for Family Life Formation recommends classes offered by Couple to Couple LeagueFamily of the AmericasFeminine Genius Ministries and FertilityCare. 

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Advantages of Natural Family Planning

Medically Safe
Because NFP is 100 percent natural, it is 100 percent safe and has no health risks. NFP does not use potentially harmful birth control drugs or devices.

Increased Health Awareness
Because NFP teaches a woman to become aware of her normal fertility pattern, changes in the pattern can alert her to possible medical problems.

NFP is 99 percent effective in postponing pregnancy – the same effectiveness range as hormonal methods and more effective than devices, creams and other artificial methods.

Low Cost
NFP costs significantly less than other forms of birth control. After learning it, there are no continuing costs other than nominal fees associated with purchasing charts as might be needed.

Helpful for Achieving Pregnancy
Couples can change their timing as needed. There is no waiting period and no damage to the woman’s fertility, as can happen with some artificial methods.

More Satisfying Marriage
Most couples report NFP has a positive effect on their marriages. They find periodic abstinence helps keep their relationship fresh, improves their communication and gives them a deeper respect for each other. Couples also like having a morally consistent message to give their children about sexuality.

Morally Acceptable
All major religious bodies, including the Catholic Church, accept the use of NFP by married couples when there are just reasons to postpone pregnancy. The Catholic Church, along with some Jews, Orthodox and Protestants, clearly teaches that it is wrong to use artificial methods of birth control. Additionally, hormonal birth control can cause very early abortions by preventing new life from implanting in the mother’s uterus.

If you have questions about Natural Family Planning or need help signing up please contact Reggan Simons at or 402.551.9003 x 1300.

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