Leadership Formation

Strengthening Catholic Families

The Center for Family Life Formation provides formation and leadership training for clergy and laity in marriage and family enrichment.

Strengthening Catholic Families© helps Catholic families recognize their dignity and call to holiness; to live out their vocation as vibrant members of the Body of Christ; and to draw other families to do the same.

Training helps participants deepen their understanding of Catholic teachings concerning the vocation of marriage and family. The program helps participants develop skills to assess family needs and to plan responses to those needs, which includes collaborating with neighboring parishes and schools. 

Strengthening Catholic Families will prepare participants to train parish staff and volunteers to provide marriage and family enrichment opportunities in their parishes and help increase awareness and use of family enrichment resources. Curriculum components include:

  • Catholic theology and the spirituality of marriage and family
  • Partnership and collaboration between churches and home
  • Profile of contemporary marriage and families
  • Baptismal call to use one’s gifts in the service of others
  • Skills and strategies for planning and implementing programs

Strengthening Catholic Families may be easily adapted to diocesan or parish needs. Participants enter into a relationship with Christ through 40 hours of training and participation in the sacramental life of the Church.