“No one is without a family in this world: the Church is a home and family for everyone, especially those who ‘labor
and are heavy laden.’”

— Familiaris Consortio 85, Mt 11:28


Friday night MAJ session in Norfolk (Feb 23rd, 2018) will meet as scheduled at 6:30pm tonight. 

Saturday’s session has been canceled. 

Please contact Mary Feda with any questions 402-779-5961 or mefeda@archomaha.org

Trusted resources, programming and guidance

The Center for Family Life Formation was born out of the Family Life Office, which was established within the Archdiocese of Omaha in 1979. The Center for Family Life Formation is home to a robust collection of highly valued and sought after resources, programs and services in support of the family – from preparing for marriage to building a family to experiencing life’s difficulties to human sexuality formation.

As the recognized and positive impact of these resources continues to gain momentum within the Archdiocese of Omaha and well beyond, the Center for Family Life Formation serves as a significant source of support for families and individuals in need and for clergy and other leaders.

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Who We Serve

The Center for Family Life Formation serves individuals, families, communities, parishes and clergy locally, nationally and internationally. 

The Center serves Catholics and non-Catholics; though the majority of our resources are designed for Catholics, many are not exclusive to Catholics. Individuals from all faiths rely upon the Center for programs, services, resources and direction to aid in their life journeys.

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SOW-REAPP: An exciting new discernment and formation resource from the Center

Launched at the World Meeting of Families in Philadelphia

SOW-REAPP© is an exciting new evangelization, discernment and lifespan formation resource. It's a powerful tool for reflection and prayer; bringing the Good News of Jesus into every human situation. SOW-REAPP allows individuals to delve into the depths of a relationship with God.

The SOW-REAPP process is used within each project and resource offered by the Center for Family Life Formation. Participants are guided through self-examination and opening themselves to the work of God in their lives. This process has been developed through reflection on Sacred Scripture and the writings of various saints. 

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The world's leading marriage and family resources

Highly valued by ministry partners and used by more than a half million couples around the world

Updated in 2014, FOCCUS Fourth Edition addresses pornography, technology, pets and couples with children. With new couple-ready b'tween resources, user-friendly FOCCUS helps engaged couples appreciate their unique relationship, learn more about themselves and discuss topics important to lifelong marriage. 

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About the Center for Family Life Formation

In support of individuals and families

Our mission is to foster and strengthen individuals and families. We provide resources, programming and guidance for every phase of family life formation – from preparing for marriage to building a family to experiencing life’s difficulties to growing older.

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